What Is Holding YOU Back?

Why Aren't YOU Living the Life of YOUR Dreams?

Do You Feel Unseen, Unheard, Unappreciated?

...then it's time to find out which SECRETS OF LIFE'S SEVEN VILLAINS ARE HOLDING YOU BACK -- in an exciting BlockBuster Ebook, yours now for FREE!

If you feel like you just can't seem to move forward in your life and get what YOU want every time then, it's time to find which of Life's Seven Villains is holding you back.

Have you ever heard yourself saying....

If only I had.....

Why does this always happen to me?

I was robbed!

I'm held hostage by my past. I can't......

I'll never love again!

It's no use. Nobody gets who I really am.

It's hopeless! I'm helpless, a victim.

If even one of these phrases rings true, then you are being BLOCKED by  one or more of Life's Seven Villains:

  • The Sorceress

  • The Saboteur

  • The Pirate/Bandit

  • The Killer

  • The Lost Love

  • The Mugger

  • The Monster

Which one is keeping you from making the story of YOUR life into a BLOCKBUSTER?

This book will teach you how to:

  • Find Your Villain

  • Conquer That Villain

  • Implement a "Can Do" Strategy That Will Amaze You

The Villains in your life represent your own inner conflicts and the journey you must take to become a hero in your own life.

Just think about your favorite movie, book or TV show. You are drawn to them because you are IN them!

We relate to stories that mirror something about ourselves.

Whether you are stuck with business problems, financial woes, relationship issues, health concerns or you are in the grip of perpetual anger and fear, you can bet there is a Villain at work.


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The Secrets of Life's Seven Villains:
How to Keep Them Out of Your Life and Business


About the Author:

Judith Parker Harris, TV and film producer, author and speaker, uses screenwriting and production techniques and personal experience of becoming symptom-free from Multiple Sclerosis to illustrate how you can move from BLOCKED TO BLOCK-BUSTER. She can help you bust your villains and fast track a project from conception to completion.